Aug 22, 2008

Three View from one Position in Barcelona 's Architecture,

First View : Torre Agbar
The Torre Agbar of the French architect Jaen Nouvel has taken a prominent place in the skyline of Barcelona. An appropriate iconography for the company the building is for; the water company of Barcelona.

But today everybody refers to the Torre Agbar as the ‘fallus’ or ‘penis-building’ and can be googled under that name. However especially at night it looks much more like a plastic and colorful dildo.

Second View :
Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Família church (its official name being "Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família", the Holy Family Church of the Atonement), is the most famous sight in Barcelona and also one of Europe's most unconventional churches. Dominating its surroundings, it stands in the northern part of the city.

When Antoni Gaudí was put in charge of constructing the church in 1883 plans had already been drawn up and some work done on building the crypt of what was to be a purely Neo-Gothic church. Gaudí decided to change the plans completely but - as in the case of most of his other works - had no firm ideas in mind, preferring to alter and add to the plans as work progressed. Of course, this meant that there was no question of getting it built quickly, although Gaudí had originally forecast between ten and fifteen years; there were also financial limitations, as the cost was to be met solely from alms and public subscription.

As a result the "Church of the Poor", the main work by the most important Catalan architect of modern times, remains just a shell, and nobody knows whether and when it will ever be completed.

Third View: Barcelona Skyline

What do you think?Had Jean Nouvel been succeed in this Project.If this is a good designing and also it works with texture of the city ,how it can combine in different condition and country.Curiously enough Jean Nouvel has designed a second tower in Doha, Qatar, that has a similar shape and smooth texture, and so again a similar unmeant iconography.

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