Sep 7, 2008

Extreme temperature solution for affordable housing

The concept is initially aimed for a low income housing area in Redfern, a destitute inner-city suburb of Sydney. The architect’s main objective was to make sure that the traditional 19th century workers cottage aesthetic would not be overrun by a newly introduced aesthetic.

The concept proposed is characterized by pitched roof shapes that capture the spirit of the existing architecture. The cluster housing will be made from highly transportable lightweight materials such as curved metal profiles and formed plywood panels. Easy assembly, thermal comfort and a strong architectural design are the elements that make of this concept a practical international design solution.

Sydney based EnterArchitecture is currently developing housing prototypes with specific design solutions to tackle the issue of extreme temperatures. The practice has created radiating plan layouts where air can flow freely through longitudinally and laterally. The variable openings in the panels can be customized based on the desires of the user. Facade layouts would be designed in several configurations to accommodate full sun protection from the harsh sun. An “air layer” model works on all external surfaces to expel radiant heat from the surfaces directly exposed to the sun.

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