Sep 1, 2008

New Concept in Mobile Living by German Architects

The concept is the creation of a customized mobile living space using a customer-focused software package to shape the basic design according to preferences including number of occupants, wardrobe space, kitchen design and even gender. Once the basic needs are considered, in-house architects then step in to create a bespoke and chic living space for the occupants.The project, which started at the Technical University of Graz, Faculty of Architecture as a thesis, was a result of support from well-known companies including Simona, Moralt, Reim, BMW and many more - its popularity, MehrZeller is a German Architect and Designer of this Project.
“Mobile housing, in today's fast paced world has an ever increasing role. At the same time, the desire for a stable home and own personal needs requires customization to give four walls with individual character. In the camper scene is the call for a new design and this concept answers ever louder and more individual requirements for a suitable and comfortable accommodation form.”
MehrZeller got the wheels in motion at a preview in Dusseldorf’s Caravan Salon 2008 this week and will be available for viewing again at the Caravan Salon of Austria on the 19th October.

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